Saboteurs among us!

June 21, 2010 3 Comments


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“Life always gets in the way of life”


365 Days to a Balanced Life – Day 21

Ok, so I am pumped about drinking my lemon water every morning, hydrating with my 100 ounces a day, meditating (ok, I still haven’t got there yet), trying to live in the moment, walking 10,000 steps a day and generally starting to gain control.  This looks doable.  One day at a time I add a daily habit.  Then I am hit with one of the saboteurs of life.  You know them, the people, events or situations that create chaos and throw all your good intentions for a loop.

This latest saboteur came in the form of an unexpected serious illness of my step daughter.  On Saturday she was admitted to hospital with meningitis symptoms, pneumonia, strep infection and most seriously a heart that sounds like that of a 60 year old man in heart failure.  To say the least the last 36 hours have been difficult.  I am happy to report that although she does not have a complete diagnosis on the heart issue, she is moving in the right direction and appears to be out of immediate danger.  She is still confined to ICU, hooked up to tubes and an oxygen mask and expected to have a 3 – 4 week convalescence.  So for now it is my husband and I taking turns at the hospital – sitting too much and eating bad food.  It’s also hard to get the water intake when you have a mask on your face most of the day.

So my balanced life will just have to take a back seat to reality for a few days while we sort this out.  Having said that,  it is even more important to make good choices in times of stress in order to have the energy to handle the situation and not get sick yourself.  This week I will continue to get as many of the daily habits incorporated into the new routine as possible and get back on track completely as soon as we get our daughter back on track.

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3 Comments to “Saboteurs among us!”
  1. marcelle says:

    You have my sympathy Roneen. I will be sending positive thoughts your way..

  2. Roneen says:

    Thanks Marcelle – things are improving steadily

  3. Paula says:

    Hi Roneen, I’m really enjoying your blog and this was an excellent post. It makes me really take a look at my life and identify where I can improve. I’m so sorry to hear that your step daughter is ill. I sure hope she’s okay. Thinking of you.

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