Choose to Celebrate – Day 351

May 20, 2011 1 Comment



365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey – Day 351



 “Celebrate your progress – do not wait to be perfect” 

The sign outside our local church always has an inspirational message that I sometimes get distracted reading when merging lanes at their corner.  Today’s message resonated with me.

“Celebrate your progress – do not wait to be perfect”  I really needed to be reminded of that today.  I am wrapping up the first year of my 365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey this month and have been reflecting on my progress.  Frankly I have been disappointed with it.  At the beginning of this project I had this vision that I would be focused on change for 365 days and voila! I would be the woman I always thought I could be on June 1, 2011. (I never said I was realistic)

My plans were to be the weight I want be, the fitness level I strive for and the calm meditating peaceful person I yearn to be.  :)

When I read this sign I realized there were many celebrations I missed out on during this past year.  I just didn’t recognize them because I was focused on the end result.  Today it occurred to me that if I had taken the time to recognize each positive action for the progress that it was (living in the moment) , I might have valued my achievements more (gratitude) and been more motivated to stay consistent.  Instead I let myself slide back many times over the past year feeling frustrated at my lack of progress and setbacks.  But isn’t that just the normal ups and downs of life?  Can we ever wait to celebrate perfection?  Isn’t acknowledging that perfection is an imperfect goal something to celebrate in itself?

Too many of us are striving for that unattainable “perfect” balance in our lives and are left feeling dissatisfied when we don’t get “ there”.  Where is “there” anyway?  I have been trying to get “there” all my life.  The main lesson I have come to learn about this past year is that even if I don’t practice what I preach every minute of every day, as long as I am choosing to take positive action as often as I can I am making progress on my journey to a more balanced life.  (Insert Happy Dance here)

So going forward I will remember,

Choosing to be grateful as often as I can is progress.

Choosing to get outside in nature and move is progress

Choosing to nourish my body with good clean food is progress

Choosing to nourish my mind with a good book or inspirational material is progress

Choosing to be conscious and in the moment is progress

Choosing to calm my mind in times of stress with breathing work and meditation is progress

Choosing to be patient, generous and loving is progress

Today I chose to celebrate the fantastic 2 hour walk on the trails I took with my good friend Gloria and the good food and water I have chosen to nourish myself with.  I am grateful for this beautiful sunny day and I am energized to do more good things today.   What do you choose to celebrate today?

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  1. ceri says:

    You have hit the nail on the head with this post! Where is “there”???? Hope you continue into days 366….

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