Milo And Me – Day 308

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365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey – Day 308


Quote of the Day

“Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.” – Corey Ford

Well, it has been a little over a week in Puppyland and we are still speaking to one another (just barely though).  To say our stress levels are at an all time high this week would be an understatement.  Life as I knew it has changed and I’m not sure I have fully embraced this change yet.  My husband and I have been playing the “Who’s doing more” game and of course my daughter, the dog’s rightful master, has been busy with her life and puppy does not usually fit into sleepovers and lunches out etc.  I know I should have seen this coming but I thought we had an understanding.  Now it has become yet another source of friction between teenage daughter and mother! 

Truth be told they are both probably doing more than I give them credit for.  I am just incredibly jealous that they get to go out into the world every day and I don’t!

On a positive note Milo is an amazing little guy.  He has slept through the night from the third night and is almost completely house trained.  He is adorable and extremely well behaved for a little puppy not to mention too cute for words. 

I on the other hand have not been extremely well behaved (and am definitely not too cute for words).  I also do not appear to be as smart as him under pressure.  I should have had a film crew following me this past week and a half.  Whatever could go wrong did go wrong – starting with the relentless rain and cold (hail too).  Not so bad if you are snug by your fire reading a book like I used to be prior to “Life with Milo”.  I was the joke of my neighborhood the first few days being out 13 times during the day in the rain making sure he did his business where he is supposed to.  I must say it has worked because he doesn’t want to go through this constant up and down in the elevator and standing in the pouring rain anymore than I do.  Now he quickly does it and trots back to the door.

Day 3 was probably the worst day resulting in my first meltdown at 10:30 that night (the second one occurred 3 days later but I don’t want to talk about it).  :)   It was my first time out in three days and I had to pick Kali up from school as well as take Milo to the Vet’s.  

Logistically it was a little difficult because we live in a three floor townhouse.  We do have an elevator which we use with Milo because he can’t do the stairs yet but it does require us to have to walk outside to get to our cars.  We are also having major construction as all the balconies are being replaced so there is noise, debris and dozens of workmen about. That day happened to be particularly hectic because they were making a huge delivery so big trucks and new equipment were everywhere.  This tends to freak a little puppy out. 

Further complicating things, my car has to be parked in back because of the construction so I have to get the crate from the top floor of the house to the garage, get Milo down the elevator, walk in the elements back to the garage put him in the crate while I walk around to the back of the complex to get the car, load the crate and off we go.  Sounds simple right? 

Always looking for the most efficient way to do things, I put the crate in the dumbwaiter so I could pick it up in the garage rather than carry it down with the dog in tow.  It appeared to fit but sadly I misjudged and it jammed.  I now have no crate for the car!  I remember Jack had bought a wire cage but it was still in the box unassembled in the garage.  I took Milo down to the garage and let him sniff around (mistake #2) while I found some scissors and started cutting and ripping the box like a mad woman.  I looked up from my frenzy just in time to see Milo climb into Kali’s open suitcase ready to piddle on her holiday clothes.  I managed to contain him, close the suitcase and continue my mission (did I mention I’m not really handy?).

At this point I realized I was already late for school pick up so I went to call Kali but my cell phone was missing.  It must be three floors up!  What to do?  I have no house phone in the garage and don’t relish taking the puppy back up (I would have to go back out in the rain or carry him up three flights of stairs to do that)  Tic Toc. I decide it was faster to continue with my cage assembly and just keep her waiting.

Once assembled it appeared enormous to me, more like a cage for a Great Dane not my little Milo!  Hoping it would fit in the back of my car I drag it to the end of my driveway.  There is no way I can lift the cage with the dog in it so I walk the puppy to the back of the complex to get my car (did I mention it was raining???).  I put a pee pad on my leather seats, try not to squish him as I push him back and shut the door, hoping he will stay put while I run to get in the other side.  I drive one handed to my garage through an obstacle course of trucks, workmen and machinery already pissed off about the wet dog smell in my car.  I leave the dog loose in the car while I haul the gigantic cage into the back – it fits – but barely!  After plopping my bewildered puppy into yet another new cage with a towel and a toy I run upstairs to get my phone.  It is not there.  I know it isn’t in the car because my Bluetooth would have picked it up so I must have dropped it on my last walk.  With Milo howling in the back, I very slowly drive my walk route (even though I am now 30 minutes late) to no avail.  Now I’m trying to figure out how I get my daughter, make it to the Vet’s, pick up a new crate for tonight’s bedtime AND get a new cell phone before his 5:00 feeding.  It is already 3:45.  My luck started to turn.  Just as I was pulling into the Vet’s my phone started ringing.  It was in my purse all along but the Bluetooth was turned off!!!!!!  One less thing to worry about.

All goes well at the Vet’s. He declared our new puppy healthy (except for ear mites) and congratulated us on picking a puppy with an exceptional disposition – something to hang on to in my darkest hours :).

So that night when I was finally in bed at 10:30pm, exhausted and my body aching but finally starting to relax, Jack rushes in looking for paper towel as the dog took a pee in the kitchen! It was all too much for me.  I start raving about how diligent I am with him to get him trained ASAP and then when they are on duty he has had three mishaps!  Not only that they don’t just clean it up and let me rest I have to get up and help them blah blah blah.  I had a meltdown.  This may not have helped my relationships with my husband and daughter but the puppy was terrified enough to sleep through the night without a whimper for the first time.

A good night’s sleep and waking up to the sun shining helped me to accept the bad news from the elevator repairman the next day.  He tells me I almost did the thing in and that there may be some problems as a result of the damage but I retrieved our third cage and paid him $1000 for his trouble.

So far we are looking at almost $3000 in puppy related costs and we are only 10 days in.  I could perhaps sell a cage or two to recoup some of our losses :)

Our timing for bringing this puppy home could not have been worse on so many levels.  We are doing our best to keep our stress from the pup (Jack and I meet in our bathroom on a regular basis) so hopefully we will not permanently scar him emotionally while we attempt to fit him into our lives.  Milo on the other hand seems to have fit us into his life.  We couldn’t ask for a better dog and we notice every day he works his way into our hearts a little more and lightens our load.


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