Our Thoughts Are With You Egypt! – Day 255

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365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey – Day 255


Quote of the Day

“Fear eats away love!” – Author Unknown

What is happening in Egypt right now is so exciting!  We all know there has to be a shift in the world in order for us to survive.  Of course the movement for change started several years ago but those people were considered “nuts” or “activists”.  As the world deteriorates at a rapid pace from the years of corruption and greed, more and more you find groups getting together whether in person or online to collectively focus their positive thoughts.  Ok, ok most people still consider them “nuts” but I don’t.  I haven’t done it in any meaningful way but I have seen evidence that it works.  What does this have to do with Egypt you ask?

These events in Egypt have shown the world that relatively peaceful demonstrations can effect change.  That is what a demonstration is, many people focusing energy on the same thing.  Certainly the sheer numbers of demonstrators showed the government that the people had had enough of the corruption that was ruining their country and forcing them to live in poverty and fear but I think there was something else contributing to this miraculous turn of events.  In addition to the millions of Egyptians focusing their energy on improving their situation there were many more millions around the world focusing positive energy and prayers for this change.  This victory in Egypt is just the beginning.  It should be a relief to the world that this type of change can be brought about without too much violence and loss of life.

I am thrilled for the Egyptian people.  With the resignation of Mubarak and the military promising to transition the country to a democratic system they have finally found reason to be optimistic.  I got goose bumps watching a news program showing thousands of Egyptians cleaning up the considerable mess the demonstration had left.  “This is our home, it is up to us to clean it up and take care of it” said one beaming Egyptian woman.

I certainly found no evidence of this when we visited Egypt one year ago.  After years of fantasizing what Egypt would be like I was disappointed to find a filthy disease infested country populated by poor and depressed people.  We did not feel safe even with our glock carrying body guard on the bus and the hundreds of machine gun carrying military around all tourist attractions.   I found very little appealing about the country other than the Pyramids and Museums (even the Nile was a disappointment with the dead animal carcasses floating in it).  Everyone in our group got sick from the filth and the food and few of us had any desire to return. I might change my mind on that now.  I am looking forward to a time when Egypt becomes a magnificent country again. 

The world will change for the better when more people are living in freedom and optimistic circumstances.  The greater the population living with positive hopefullness the less will be living in anger and hopelessness.  That alone will change the energy in the world. Even if you don’t believe keep focusing good and positive thoughts on your life, those around you and the world at large.

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