Look For The Lesson – Day 251

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365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey – Day 251


Quote of the Day

“Challenges make life interesting, however, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”. – Mark Twain

It is my belief that people come into our lives to teach us lessons and give us the greatest opportunity for soul growth.  Some of this can be quite pleasant but let’s face it, the most valuable lessons learned are usually not the easiest to live through.  I have adopted a practice of trying to find the lessons in every difficult relationship or situation.  Through this I have for the first time in my life been able to forgive on a deep level those people (including myself) that I would otherwise have avoided or harbored some resentment for.  This would only have contaminated future interactions allowing for the cycle of negative emotions to continue.  You can also try silently thanking them for teaching you this lesson.   My philosophy is if you have to endure unpleasant people or situations you might as well take something good from it!

Some people come into our lives for the sole (soul) purpose to help us to master the lesson of discernment – in other words, to teach us what to turn away from.  Anyone who has ever had their heart broken by an uncaring or dysfunctional partner will understand that.  It is through kissing a lot of frogs in my life that I determined what I really wanted (or didn’t want) from my closest relationships.

When you just can’t see the lesson in the situation because your anger or frustration is temporarily clouding your vision, try saying to yourself “They are only doing the best they can with the knowledge they have”.  When you truly believe and understand these words forgiveness comes easy.  The trick is to think and apply this in times of upheaval. If you can do this the healing begins immediately which can help avoid bitterness and blame. (I’m still working on this one myself :)).  When you regain your composure you can more clearly see the lesson you need to learn from them.  This may be a good opportunity for you to help each other discover why you are in each other’s lives.

So instead of saying “All men are idiots” in your next bitch session with the girls, try throwing out a little forgiveness.  Teach the girls a new survival trick.  Learn to forgive our partners for their shortcomings and thank them for the lessons they bring us (and hope they are doing the same for you).

I admit, it’s not as much fun as a rant about the shortcomings of the male species but it makes you feel a whole lot better at the end of the evening and that much closer to the person you climb into bed with that night.

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