Do Your Own Research – Day 218

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365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey – Day 218

Quote of the Day

” Medicine being a compendium of the successive and contradictory mistakes of medical practiitioners, when we summon the wisest of them to our aid, the chances are that we may be relying on a scientific truth the error of which will be recognized in a few years’ time” – Marcel Proust


Thank God the holidays are over!!  I seem to lack any willpower whatsoever at this time of year.  Fortunately for me I do not have a tendency to overeat (except Christmas Dinner and maybe Christmas Brunch, ok, all of Christmas Day was a right off).  However my choices are generally good and I try to keep to a reasonable exercise regime.  My downfall this year was too many restaurant meals and way too much sugar.  Once I start eating over processed foods, bread and sugar my natural cravings for fruit and vegetables diminish.  Easier to grab a rum ball than to cut up an apple or peel a carrot.  So I find myself on January 5th sluggish, 6 pounds heavier, cranky (some will say no change here) and slightly depressed.  Time to get moving!

I gave myself a health day yesterday.  I started out getting an adjustment at the chiropractor first thing in the morning, moved on to a light workout in the gym and dragged myself into my craniosacral therapy appointment.  Walking in I felt low energy, depressed and looked like hell.  One and a half hours later I left feeling energized and looking pretty good (not to mention 5 years younger).  All this benefit while lying passively on the table slipping in and out of sleep.  I had forgotten how important this work is.  Years ago I stumbled on to this therapy at a time in my life when I had severe sciatica and jaw pain.  I saw results immediately but within a few treatments 5 years of back pain and jaw pain was gone and I could finally eat without my jaw locking!

What is CraniosacralTherapy you ask?

The craniosacral system (cranio means head and sacral refers to the area at the base of the spine) includes the brain and spinal cord.  They are bathed in a craniosacral fluid that has a rhythmic pulse similar to blood pressure.

The craniosacral therapist senses the pulse and looks for any subtle restrictions in the flow of craniosacral fluid. Restrictions are believed to be the cause of poor health, especially conditions related to the brain, spine and nervous system.

Some of the conditions treated are: Migraines and Headaches, Chronic neck and back pain, Nervous system disorders, Scoliosis, Chronic Fatigue, Stress and Stress related disorders, Fibromyalgia and other connective tissue disorders, TMJ and Immune disorders.

My first therapist told me of a little boy she worked on a few years ago.  It had been suggested that he should leave his Grade 3 elementary school at the end of the school year and be enrolled in a private school.  He was unable to read and write at an appropriate level and he was very disruptive in the classroom.  The mother was unable to afford private school and was understandably distraught so she wisely went in search of some alternative help.  She was fortunate to find this very talented Craniosacral Therapist, a former nurse with amazing “healing hands”.  This little boy came to her for treatment during the summer and returned to his school the following September.  A short time into the term the Principal called the mother to express his surprise at the amazing changes that had taken place in her son over the summer. 

Stories like this sound like hype for an Ad trying to sell you something.  No hype. Nothing to sell here.  Just one of many success stories of using alternative natural treatments to improve wellbeing. 

Why aren’t the doctors recommending this you might wonder?  Most don’t know about it and if they do most are skeptical by training and have little to no time to research the feasibility of it.  I have found that when it comes to my health I am the best judge of what treatment my body needs.  I certainly go to the doctors and listen to their diagnosis and advice.  I also ask them a lot of questions (most don’t like this) and then I go and do my own research and talk to people I trust about alternative therapies.  Admittedly there are some bad alternative therapists and practitioners out there that should be avoided.  But I have also come across many bad doctors that should be avoided. 

The warning signs for me that I have stumbled onto a bad doctor?  Complete resistance to any form of treatment other than pharmaceuticals.  Someone who rolls his eyes when you talk about alternative treatments and therapies or even laughs at you when you suggest them (had it happen more than once). Similarly the warning signs for me that I have stumbled onto a bad Alternative Practitoner?  Someone who discounts the value of Traditional Medicine completely. 

There are some great things about modern medicine that are comforting to know are there.  Diagnostics are superb however traditional medicine usually starts with a pill that will treat the symptom.  Natural Therapies usually looks at the root cause.  It’s not pretty and it’s not as easy as taking a pill a day to have the symptoms masked but in my experience it is the only place to start.  Taking drugs puts you on a slippery slope.  Have you ever noticed people who are on drugs are rarely on just one?  In time their body starts breaking down in other areas and more and more drugs are needed.  If I’m going to pop a pill I would rather it be something natural that works with my body to get at the root cause.  ALL drugs have side effects; some just take longer to show up.

But I digress, my message here is don’t be afraid to try alternative therapies.  Start researching and working with a Naturopath BEFORE you have major health issues.  Preventative care is absolutely key to a long and healthy life.

How do you find the right practitioner or therapist?  My husband commented yesterday that the right person always seems to come along for me.  I think the reason that happens is that when my body is suffering physically or emotionally I usually start thinking of the reasons why it is happening and start researching for solutions either through reading or talking to people about it.  It is my belief that when you put thought and energy into something the universe responds with a solution.


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