Think Before You Eat – Day 190

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365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey – Day 190


Quote of the Day

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”  – Doug Larson

Prior to embarking on my one month PH Miracle Challenge in January, I am preparing my kitchen to accommodate the changes.  Out goes the microwave in comes the juicer and Vita Mix blender.  I am frantically researching water products to find an affordable solution that will fit on my kitchen counter as well as my new faucet!

I am trying to ease my way into the trial period by eliminating a number of the recommended “foods to avoid” as well as adding as many alkalizing foods.  Adding the foods is the easy part as I love vegetables, fruits and other whole foods (although I am a little iffy on the green powder and juicing).  It is eliminating some of the foods and condiments I love that will take some adjustment.  However after reading what these foods are doing to my body I think I’ll find it easier than I originally thought (plus I’m a little grossed out by what I have learned about these foods).

Even if you are not the least bit interested in following the PH Miracle Program, it is worth your time to review what you should avoid in order to live a healthier life.  Every little step we take to improve our health will have an impact on our quality of life.

What to Avoid (taken from The PH Miracle by Dr. Robert Young)

Sugar – You know this is evil so try to avoid it in all forms.  Sugars are acids that can produce acetaldehyde (a toxin and carcinogen) and alcohol in the body.  The more sugar the body gets the more harmful microforms evolve internally, and the faster they will reproduce.  The faster they reproduce, the more they are decomposing and fermenting your body from the inside. 

Simple Carbohydrates –Includes white flour products, white rice, corn and potato. These are sugars and cause the same acidic problems.

Refined and Processed Foods –These are loaded with sugar, processed or refined salt, artificial colorings and flavorings, additives, preservatives, butter, margarine, or hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.  They are also acidifying.

Fruit – This will be a tough one for me but consider how much sugar is in fruit and we know that sugar creates an acidic environment in our body.  Lemons, Limes and non sweet grapefruit are ok. Once you are in PH Balance it is ok to have small portions of fresh seasonal fruit, eaten by itself.  Did you know that as it gets sweeter in the ripening process it is actually turning into alcohol and mold – rotting basically.  Mmmm

Dairy Products – Contain acidic hormones and pesticide residues, microforms, mycotoxins, and saturated acid fats.  Lactose breaks down like any acid sugar and causes the biological transformation of healthy body cells into bacteria, yeast, and mold.  It can increase risk of cancers.  On top of that pasteurization destroys the beneficial electrons milk starts out with.  The idea that dairy products are healthy is pure hype.  No other species drinks milk beyond infancy – and certainly not from a species outside their own! 

In other studies I have read they have found a link to increased risk of Type 1 diabetes in babies that were given cow’s milk in lieu of breast feeding.  My son was not breast fed after he was 3 weeks old and was given cow’s milk (which he did not tolerate well) and at the age of 11 he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  I have huge guilt over that one! I just wish I had persevered with the breast feeding but in fairness to all mothers, we were not explained the risks.  It was culturally acceptable not to breast feed.

Saturated and Other Unhealthy Fats – Use good oils like olive, flax seed and grape seed

Meat and Eggs –All animal products are filled with acidic hormones, pesticides, steroids, antibiotics, and microforms, mycotoxins, and the saturated fats that contribute to heart disease, strokes, and cancer, among many other things. There is a strong correlation between animal protein and several kinds of cancer.  Eggs are linked to an increase risk of colon cancer. Processed meats and cheeses are a risk factor for brain and spinal cord tumors.

Animal foods are simply dead or absent of electrical potential or electrons.  Vegetable foods, alive with electron energy, and phytonutrients, are far superior in every way. Whatever nutrients may be in animal foods are simply not worth the risk, not to mention the stress they put on the body during digestion.

I certainly like my animal proteins but I think there is a strong case against them. Humans are designed to be vegetarian, and our bodies will never work their best if we keep forcing them to do something they are not equipped to handle.

Stored Grain – Ideally you should use this year’s crop, preferably within three months of being harvested.   Check the dates on the packaging carefully.

Yeast – The most common ways to get yeasts are bad for you for other reasons, too:  beer and wine (double whammies, as alcohol is a danger) and breads and baked goods (a triple whammy because of the stored grains, the flour is made from and tea sugar and other simple carbs they contain).  I believe wine will be my hardest thing to give up L

“Edible” Fungus – Mushrooms all contain various amounts of the mycotoxin amanitin, which, in large amounts will kill you almost instantly.  With smaller amounts the result is the same – it just takes a little longer.  Remember, mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of yeast or fungus.

Spirulina and Algae Supplements –This one is easy for me because I have never understood why someone would want to ingest scum.  Toxins in algae have been shown to harm the liver and nervous system.

Fermented and Malted Products – Avoid vinegar, mustard, ketchup, steak sauce, soy sauce, tamari, mayonnaise, salad dressings, chili sauce, horseradish, miso, MSG, and any kind of alcohol as well as pickled vegetables, relish, green olives, sauerkraut and pickles.  All are acid forming and create sticky mucus.

Alcohol – Alcohol is acid and disease loves acid!

Caffeine –All caffeine products, chocolate, cocoa, tea, sodas and all forms of coffee are acid and produce a lot of acid and mucus.

Corn, Corn Products, Peanuts, and Peanut Products – Corn contains twenty-five different mycotoxin-producing fungi, including recognized carcinogens.  Peanuts contain twenty-six.  Broken and ground nuts are targets for airborne mold spores and quickly become rancid.  Corn is linked to esophagus and stomach cancer and peanuts with pancreatic and liver cancer.

Heated Oils – Do not use corn, canola and other vegetable oils.  Use cold pressed virgin oils such as many olive oils.

Microwaved Food - I have known for years that microwaving your food is bad and for a time in my old house I removed it from my main kitchen but kept one in the downstairs kitchen for the kids to heat up pizza pops and popcorn (back in the days when I bought this type of food).  Since the food they were microwaving didn’t have any nutritional value anyway I didn’t really worry about the occasional use) Having just read some of the research on microwaves I am sending my new one packing (I caved to the demands of the family in the new house).   Not only does research show that food that is exposed to microwave energy increases in cancer –causing effects and decreases in nutritional valued but that Vitamins and Minerals were made useless in every food tested.  Microwaving also interfered with the digestibility of fruits and vegetablesNot to mention that it makes all foods acid forming. Which begs the question, why would we eat food that is in no way nourishing to us?   The Russians, who have done the most diligent research on microwave ovens and their biological effects on food and humans, outlawed their use.  Need I say more???

Artificial Sweeteners are acidifying.  Avoid the following; aspartame (NutraSweet), saccharine (Sweet’N Low), neotame, sucralose (Splenda) just to name a few.  Did you know that when you ingest aspartame, one of the ingredients, methyl alcohol, converts into formaldehyde, a deadly neurotoxin and known carcinogen?  It also turns into formic acid (poison fire ants use this in their attacks). 

Here is a list of symptoms that can be caused by artificial sweeteners; headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo, seizures, depression, fatigue, irritability, increased heart rate, heart palpitations, insomnia, vision problems, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, weight gain, numbness, muscle spasms, joint pain, breathing difficulties, anxiety attacks, slurred speech and loss of taste.  Artificial Sweeteners can also trigger or worsen arthritis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, fibromyalgia, brain tumors, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, systemic lupus, mental retardation, birth defect, thyroid disorders, lymphoma, and epilepsy.

If you NEED to use a sweetener consider natural plant sources such as stevia or chicory.  Even these are acid so better to skip all forms of sugar.  I know it’s hard but why not try avoiding all sugar products for a week or two to see if you can notice a difference in your health (and moods).

It boggles my mind why anyone would ingest this poison knowing these facts.  I know that most of you will read this and ignore the research but I hope a few of you at least will wake up and finally use some common sense when it comes to deciding what you put in your body. (Sorry to sound so harsh but you have no idea how many times I get laughed at when I bring this up to friends and family).  I really, really hope that Rachelle and Russ are reading this J

Admittedly, I am overwhelmed at the changes I will have to make in my lifestyle to follow this program.  I will take it slow making the most important changes first.  For me it’s worth it as my health issues are becoming hard to ignore. 

Warning –Rant coming…….

I have known for many years that we are poisoning our bodies with foods that have become common in our diets.  We only have to look around at all the illnesses we and our family and friends are experiencing to know that something is not right. Do not assume that just because it is on the shelf that it is safe to eat.  There is much to lose in the Food Business should we all wake up and start relating our health issues to our food consumption. Just imagine what would happen to the Meat and Dairy Industries, Fast Food Restaurants, Junk Food Industry, Coffee Industry etc should we be given the straight goods on the damage this food is doing to us.  This is why you will find contradicting studies on almost anything (even artificial sweeteners). The controversy of controversy.   Then people get confused and don’t know who or what to believe so they take the path of least resistance (or immediate gratification) and keep eating the anti foods being marketed to us. 

We need to use our common sense and think about what we ingest.  It only makes sense that we fuel our body with alkalizing and energizing food if we want to have great health.  Do a little research of your own.  Experiment with food elimination to see if it makes a difference in your general health, pain or moods.  I am urging you to take responsibility for your health and pay attention to what is happening before it is too late.  It is sad to see the young people in our society getting sicker (and fatter) at much younger ages.  Many don’t even know what it feels like to feel great all the time.  Do you?

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