Time Travel in a Pod – Day 127

October 6, 2010 No Comments


365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey – Day 127


Quote of the Day

 “There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” Robert Louis Stevenson


I had the most unbelievably good 14 hour flight from LA to Auckland (usually you don’t hear good and 14 hour flight in the same sentence do you?).  I may never fly another airline.   We booked Air New Zealand Business Class through points and do not regret wiping out my account after yesterday’s experience.  Our seats were “pods” so we had lots of privacy and comfort.  Our flight was leaving at midnight after a 13 hour layover in LA so we were pretty exhausted by the time we got on the plane.  An hour into the flight I declined dinner, had them make up my bed and was asleep.  I woke up 8 hours later in time to watch two movies, eat a delicious omelette and land.  It seemed so short it was almost like time travel.

The pods were certainly futuristic (not for my daughter but definitely for me).  I did look like a little bit of a country bumpkin trying to figure out how everything worked.  It started with me leaving my new carry-on bag in the aisle as they were serving pre take off drinks.  I started out the trip smelling of champagne and orange juice, my flight attendant was soaked (never a good way to start off) but happily my new bag (Jack’s future gift) was saved from damage.  It went downhill from there ending with me mistakenly pushing the help button instead of the flush button, calling for the same wet flight attendant.  I managed to find another one to teach me how to work all the gadgets in my pod but I did detect relief when I requested an early turn down.

I had to wait several hours at the domestic terminal to see my daughter off to her flight.  She did me a favor with her surly attitude this morning because instead of making a fool of myself with my usual sobbing when she waved from the other side of the glass, I managed to hold it together with only a few tears as my 15 year old went off on her great adventure.  I know I jinxed myself a few months ago when I was bragging to someone how Kali was such a good kid I thought we would miss the usual “mean girl” stage.  When will I learn to keep my mouth shut?

Anyway, now it’s Mommy’s turn to have a great adventure.  As soon as I finish my travel that is.  I have a 3:45am wake up call for my 4:30am shuttle to catch my7:00am flight to Melbourne.  I plan to eat dinner at 4pm and go to bed (if I can sleep with the sun shining in my window).

I hope my great adventure in Aus is a little more exciting than this!


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