High Frequency or High Definition – Day 104

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365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey – Day 104


Quote of the Day

“It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, “Always do what you are afraid to do.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


People ask me all the time how I continue to come up with ideas to write about in my blog.  You would think eventually I would run out of ways to balance my life. I must admit,  I was a little worried about finding 365 ways when I started this journey, but amazingly enough the more I study living well the more I discover that  even with all my good intentions I really have found endless ways to “live wrong”.  This is good because it gives me an endless supply of a material to work with.

Today is Monday and it has been raining hard for two days.  Rain has always depressed me a little (not good considering I live in Vancouver).  I used the rain and my sore back as an excuse to have a lazy day yesterday.  Jack doesn’t need too much convincing to do this so between the two of us we took it to an extreme.  As a result I feel somewhat sluggish today.  I’m not vibrating on that high frequency I have become used to these past few months.

I know some of it is physical.  I hurt my back 10 days ago so my exercise regime has been in hiatus.  Rain and lack of exercise is not a good combo if you are trying to stay upbeat and energized.

Yesterday was a big TV day for us.  It was on from the time the first football game started until we went to bed.  I do not do well with constant noise but I was trying to be accommodating to my husband on the first day of the NFL.  Jack sacrifices watching live football most weekends and instead fast forwards through the PVR version before going to bed.  The least I could do was put up with six hours of constant noise and endless chatter from the commentators.  Then my daughter wanted to watch the Much Music Awards.  I grabbed the opportunity to spend time with her even if I did have to put up with that disturbing display of current culture. On top of this we watched the news (never inspiring) and an episode of CSI.   Throughout this I played online poker and finished reading the book, The Help (at the same time).  Sadly my poker results reflected my lack of concentration.

When I finally hobbled down to bed I was disappointed with myself for wasting an entire day.  And trust me, it was a waste.  The only redeeming thing about the day was I did not forgo my Eat Clean habits.  At least I had that going for me.  I can only imagine how I would feel today if I had stuffed Pizza and Sodas down me all day topped off with a gallon of ice cream. 

So as I do on most days that I feel this bad, I looked to my bookshelf for some help.  I always seem to gravitate to the book I need that allows me to move myself up the emotional guidance scale. Today I decided I would do another quick read of a Doreen Virtue’s book Healing with the Angels.  I hesitate talking too much about this type of spiritual reading in the blog because I know that so many people get turned off.  However, I also know that if you are seeking a better life most likely it will lead you to spiritual study.  Although Doreen might seem “out there” to a lot of people, a great deal of what she says makes sense.  Today I found what I was looking for that will help me make yet another adjustment in my daily living.

She talks about how as we seek answers to a better way of life through spiritual study, we lose the desire for mood-altering substances, we’re repelled by violence in the media, and our attraction to friends and lovers changes (this one might get Jack’s attention).  This is a result of “frequency shifting”.  Our frequency adjusts according to our thoughts and emotions.  Those who worry, fret and obsess have slow frequencies, while those who meditate and pray regularly have higher frequencies.  As our frequencies shift upward, we become attracted to higher-vibrating situations, people, food and energies.  If you are trying to live in this higher frequency you should avoid print and broadcast media that promote negativity.

This is interesting as I find that my taste in movies and TV programs has shifted greatly.  After watching some of the movies Jack brings home I am left with an uncomfortable feeling and he will tell you that I never miss an opportunity to critique his choices in films and books.  I do not enjoy watching programs like Law and Order, CSI etc even though we once watched them religiously.  I prefer to stick with comedy and feel good movies and books.

We tend to absorb negativity from TV shows and news programs that could influence our thoughts and our lives.  As an experiment this week I am turning off the TV for an entire week (I’m still waiting to hear Jack’s response to this request). 

I will keep you informed throughout the week on the impact it has on our family. This will teach him for watching football all Sunday afternoon. :)

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