Put a Stop to Gossip – Day 90

August 30, 2010 1 Comment


365 Days to a Balanced Life – Day 90


Quote of the Day

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” -Herm Albright

A major change I have been trying to make these past 90 days is to avoid gossip as much as possible.  Gossip attracts the negative energy that I have been trying to eliminate from my life.  This is a big one for me because like many of us, I used to get caught up in the habit of gossip.  I don’t even know why because I always feel bad afterwards and embarrassed for my part in it.  They say that people who find it difficult to enjoy their own lives are attracted to the negativity of people around them.  That makes sense because I have found that the  more I focus on attracting positive into my life, the happier I have been, the less inclined I am to see the negative in others.  More importantly, the more I can empathize with people in difficult situations rather than judge them.  When you think about it, gossip is all about judgment.

I am reminded of Louise Hay’s comments about when she gave up gossiping she found she had absolutely nothing to say to anyone for three weeks until she realized there was another way of communicating.

I wish I could be like Louise and disconnect from gossip quickly by simply saying “Thank you but I chose not to hear this right now”

If I find myself caught up in a conversation that goes in a direction I am uncomfortable with I am reluctant to insult my friend with a comment that may end the gossip session but leave her/him embarrassed. Instead I now attempt to offer positive comments or try to get the other to be empathetic towards the victim of gossip. I am more conscious of not adding fuel to the fire.

The major change for me has been to try not to initiate a conversation involving a third person unless it is to share important information (non- malicious). 

Our mouth is a dangerous weapon. We do more damage than we can imagine simply by not practicing restriction. The greatest detriment to our spiritual growth is our inability to control what we discuss.  Generally we are quick to judge people.  Practice looking at the situation from the person’s point of view and try to understand him/her that way.

My new daily habit will be to avoid gossip and be 100% gossip free by the end of my 365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey.

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