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How many facial soaps, scrubs, cleansers, wipes, lotions, and masks have you tried so far in your lifetime? Yep…us, too. We think it’d be amazing (and lucrative!) to never need a skincare product again. While you’ll probably always need a facial cleanser, you might be able to ease up on creams and treatments just by eating certain natural foods:

1. Your skin needs vitamin C to produce collagen, which keeps your skin firm. So try and eat two 1 cup servings of strawberries or citrus a day, plus one cup of either red peppers or broccoli. This will keep you from having to get fat from your love handles injected into your face.

2. If you’re smart about your skin, you should already be applying SPF daily. Get an extra dose of protection by eating foods packed with vitamin E, which protect skin from UV-related free radicals. Eat two tablespoons or 23 almonds daily to get your hit of vitamin E.

3. For your skin to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom, you need to have enough vitamin A to create new cells. You produce vitamin A by converting the antioxidant beta carotene, which you get through from squash, beets, and leafy greens. Try to have three 1 cup servings of these bold-colored bad boys every day.

4. If you suffer from dull skin that could use a little pick-me-up, eat proteins that are chock full of zinc and iron: Fortified cereals, lean meats, pork, poultry, and oysters. Zinc helps your body produce new cells and get rid of old ones, while iron fuels red blood cells on their trip to bring oxygen to your skin. Have one serving of one of these proteins a day and you’ll have radiant skin in no time.

5. While most of us are inclined to avoid the word fatty at all costs, we want omega-3 fatty acids to combat inflammation caused by stress and the sun. Try to eat two servings of fish a week, or eat an ounce of walnuts or two omega-3-fortified eggs every day. According to a study by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, people who ate more fish and vegetables over the course of their lifetime had fewer wrinkles in old age compared to those who consumed more meat.

6. Still plagued by pimples even though you stopped going to school dances decades ago? You’re not alone. Try eating three servings of whole grains daily. Studies have shown that consuming more low-glycemic foods may reduce acne, by keeping your insulin levels steady, while refined carbs and sugar send it soaring suddenly upward, increasing androgens – and possibly causing zits.

7. Last but not least – water. Drink six glasses every day to keep your skin hydrated.

 By:  Caroline Sloan

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