Learn from adversity – Day 63

August 3, 2010 1 Comment


365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey – Day 63


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“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors” Proverb Quote

I started thinking about adversity and its purpose in our lives after I met a young man recently who has been through more than most people should have to go through in a lifetime.  His father had been in prison all of his life, his mother was an addict, he was on the street at the age of 15 and fathered a child. At one time he was an addict himself but got clean.  He was in a serious car accident with his little girl when she was five.  Sadly, she died in the crash and he was so severely injured they said he would never walk again.  He not only walks but has gone on to excel at some sports and leads an active life.  He volunteers at the addiction meetings where he makes a difference in people’s lives.  He has another child and recently co-wrote a book on grieving.  Most impressive is that even with all this he was dedicated enough to get an education.  Imagine what this kid could have done if he actually had a support system!

He told me a story about a woman who came into the addiction meeting in tears.  This poor woman was struggling to stay clean as she had lost every single family member over a period of months.  Everyone.  This young man was there for her with his own story of courage and at least kept her clean for one more day.

Makes your problems seem minor doesn’t it?

I read somewhere that when faced with adversity,  be it a situation or a person, we should be thankful for it as it is an opportunity for growth and to learn lessons we are meant to learn.  I don’t know about you, but in the midst of the chaos and anger, it is sometimes difficult for me to stop and say thank you.   I do however reflect later and am able to calm myself and redirect my thoughts with this technique. This definitely helps minimize the impact on my body.

I have a person in my life that is very difficult to deal with (just one you ask?). She is in a position to make life difficult and in fact I do not trust his her.  She angers easily so it is difficult to have a rational conversation with her.  As long as I agree with her all is fine so I tend to acquiesce to keep the peace.  Those of you who know me probably find that hard to believe. :)

Recently I started asking myself why she is in my life and what am I supposed to learn from her.  Through this work I have also managed to forgive her for her actions and have finally found compassion for her. It must be very hard to live in that constant state of anger.   I still do not agree with her methods but I can at least understand the pain she is in that makes her act the way she does.

The added bonus for me is that I don’t waste any time bitching about that person anymore.  Even more interesting is that because of my change she has somehow changed.  Our conversations are just a little bit more positive and enjoyable. 

Hmmmmmmm…… Is that my lesson?  To practice compassion with everyone I meet?  Even my “enemies”? Think about how peaceful our lives would be if we just made that one adjustment.

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