Don’t be a crap magnet – Day 52

July 22, 2010 3 Comments


365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey – Day 52


Quote of the Day

“When you complain, you become a living, breathing crap magnet.” – T. Harv Eker

This one definitely hits home with me.  Sometimes I find myself complaining (even to myself) and realize “what the heck? I am complaining for the sake of complaining”.  In reality what I am complaining about is something I could easily let go of or accept but instead I am in the habit of complaining.  It’s what I do.  Or rather, it’s what I did.

When you start to really examine what happens when you complain you will realize what a horrible waste of time it is.  I was told once that you never complain to anyone who isn’t in a position to solve the problem.  Good advice that I didn’t take.

Did you ever have periods in your life where absolutely EVERYTHING seemed to go wrong?  Of course it did.  If you were complaining or focusing on what you didn’t want (and that is what complaining is), you were unknowingly attracting more of what you didn’t want.

It holds true for your relationships too.  Remember in the honeymoon stage of a love affair or a friendship when you are focusing on how compatible you are and how special, funny, intelligent, thoughtful, generous etc  etc the other person is?????   If you find yourself in a lesser version of this past relationship you may not recognize why you seem to find so many faults with your husband/wife/friend.  Could it be that you created this by being a crap magnet?

When we start focusing on the traits that bother us the relationship often takes a turn for the worse.  This is a good example of how what you focus on, expands. 

So my 1% change today is to improve my relationships by not complaining and focusing on their faults.  In fact, every day I am going to tell my husband  one thing that I appreciate about him.  I am looking forward to the honeymoon stage again!!!!

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3 Comments to “Don’t be a crap magnet – Day 52”
  1. Brooke Ballantyne Scott says:

    Roneen, this entry made me laugh so hard! I’ve thought about the law of attraction and how it affects my day to day life, but the concept of being a “crap magnet” really puts it quite succinctly! My hubby Jeremy turned me on to your blog and I look forward to following it every day.

  2. Roneen says:

    Thanks for your comment Brooke. I have had a little break from blogging but will be back next week. Tell Jeremy Auntie No No sends her love. Last time I saw you two you were one of the most beautiful wedding couples I had ever seen!!! Hope all is well.

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