Eating Clean – Day 36

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365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey – Day 36


Quote of the Day

“Although there is a great deal of controversy among scientists about the effects of ingested food on the brain, no one denies that you can change your cognition and mood by what you eat .”- Arthur Winter

Getting back from my five day weekend in the US I once again realize how poorly I feel after a holiday.  We all go on holidays to rejuvenate and relax but most of the time what ends up happening is that we eat food we would not normally eat, portions that are larger than we would normally eat (the US portions are out of control) and maybe drink a little more and move less.  As a result instead of coming back refreshed and ready to go, we come back sluggish and in a slightly depressed state.  Sound familiar?

Even though I try to eat mainly fish, vegetables and fruit, my “holiday” spirit takes over and soon I’m indulging in a little chocolate, a few too many pieces of bread and other foods that my body does not tolerate very well.  Given that I am focused on how I feel every day for the next 365 days (actually 329 to go), I realize this isn’t working for me.  I am tired, moody and totally under motivated to write this blog today.  :)

I have to find an eating “lifestyle” that I can stick to even when travelling.  I have decided to follow Tosca Reno’s “Eat- Clean Diet” for the balance of my 365 day journey.  This will not be a big stretch for me as I try to eat as clean as possible on a daily basis.  It will just be an easy program for me to follow and will allow me to concentrate on other areas of balancing.  In fact, the energy and vitality that I will get from this lifestyle change will help in all other areas.  Check out the website at .

“You have only one body. It’s yours for life. If your body spends all its time trying to rid itself of the garbage you put into it, how will it perform optimally? What you put into it dictates every moment of every day. It dictates whether you are lean, overweight, or obese. It dictates whether you have energy to spare or find yourself falling asleep at your desk. When you give your body everything it needs, it will run along so smoothly you won’t even give it a second thought … that is, until you catch a glimpse of yourself in a window and think about how amazing you look!” – Tosca Reno author of The Eat-Clean Diet

Given that I need to lose 13.5 pounds and lower cholesterol significantly in the next three months, I am excited to get started and see the results!!!!

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